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Beyond the Box 


A collaboration for London Festival of Architecture 2021 

Social enterprise, Beyond the Box, has collaborated with FCBStudios to run a project with young people from across London based on raising awareness around Net Zero Carbon

We have been working together with a group of 'Content Producers' aged between 18 and 25 who have been commissioned to produce a range of multi-media content aimed primarily at a youth audience. 

Engaging with young people, and helping them understand the role they play in achieving Net Zero is key to success. From school strikes to Greta Thunberg, young people have been instrumental in bringing the climate emergency to mainstream debate, but there is still so much to be done. And knowledge is power. 

The team have been working collaboratively throughout June to create a series of podcasts which explore in more detail what Net Zero Carbon is, tackling big questions such as 'who do young people feel is to blame', and what role they can play in 'righting the wrongs'.


From filming vox pops and interviews with people on the street, to in-depth round table discussions with guest contributors , graphic design for an accompanying 'Zine' and social media take-overs, the team are using their collective skills and experience to deliver dynamic and engaging content.  

Supported by Beyond the Box and FCBStudios, their progress was recorded as part of the project and culminated in a live event on the 29th June where they talked about their experiences, what they have learnt along the way and what we can do better to engage with a younger audience. To watch a recording of this event click here 

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Meet the Content Producers 


Fome Owuasu is a first-year politics and international relations student at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE).


She has an interest in content creating and also co-hosts her own podcast called 'Gisting Without Filter' where she discusses topics ranging from politics, media, race and identity and issues affecting young people.

Fome Owuasu

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Jonas Andrew-Phillip (JAP) is a 18 year old international youth speaker and workshop facilitator.  He facilitates career and personal progression workshops, programmes and speeches for young people. 


Using his own personal transformation story of wasteman to winner Jonas supports his peers to have an understanding that they have the untapped potential to achieve whatever they want in their life irrelevant of their background or circumstance.  He also hosts the 'Let's talk facts' podcast where he interviews professionals, entrepreneurs and young people for the education and entertainment of others.  He does this whilst also assisting them to strive to achieve their goals. 


When he is not delivering dynamic content Jonas likes to play basketball, read and listen for the lessons in music whilst eating Cookie Dough ice-cream or playing his PlayStation. 

Jonas Andrew-Phillip


Shirin Naveed (22), is a current architecture student at Greenwich University (going into her final year).


With a background in the arts, she continues to develop her mutli-disciplinary practise in the intersection of the visual arts, architecture, and community engagement through design. Her mediums include drawing, modelling, painting, illustration, photography, installation and workshop facilitation.


She is currently on the architecture team helping to co-design and facilitate young people for the People’s Pavilion and was recently awarded artist funding as part UCL Trellis 3.

Shirin Naveed


Elliesse is a multidisciplinary content creator. Since graduating from university in 2019, he has worked in the events industry. He has had experience volunteering with a local radio station based in Brixton called Reprezent Radio as a producer and also produced a podcast for CDR (Create, Define, Release). 

Elliesse is a passionate all-round creative Londoner, with dreams of making some of the most exciting content ever! He is currently a part of The Lost Blocks Collective, who are co-designing and delivering a series of engagement events on Broadwater Farm estate, aimed to engage residents living on the estate. 

He would describe himself as a storyteller; everyone and everything has a story and he wants to tell it.

Elliesse Kaaouachi

IMG_2322 2.jpg

Muhsin Mahmud is a podcaster and digital journalist. In 2019, he was elected the Deputy Youth Mayor for Tower Hamlets and later that year, worked with the Mayor of London to direct a short film on Knife crime.


Muhsin values focusing on under-reported stories, which has led to him writing for the Daily Mirror and being invited by ITV to discuss ‘Generation COVID’, exploring how the Bangladeshi community were forgotten in the Covid crisis. His fascination for storytelling and obsession for listening to people’s journeys has resulted in his podcast being nominated for a BBC Audio Award.


As a journalist, Muhsin was also given exclusive access by Chelsea Football Club to report on their games behind closed-doors during Lockdown, allowing him to interview Chelsea Star, N’golo Kante. He now reports on complicated covid guidelines and current events on his Instagram series, but in a way that can be understood by anyone.

Muhsin Mahmud

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The Podcasts 

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Fome Owuasu took to the studio to record a three-part podcast series with three guest contrubutors. Using content from vox pops which had already been recorded with the public in East London as a starting point, the episodes answer the following questions: 

What The Hell Is Net Zero? 

Who Is To Blame? 

Why Does It Concern Me? 

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What The Hell Is Net Zero?
Who Is To Blame?
Does It Concern Me?
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Have a listen 

Episode 1: 
What The Hell Is
Net Zero? 
Have a listen 

Episode 2: 
Who Is To Blame?  
Have a listen 

Episode 3: 
Does It Concern
Meet the Guests

Seda Korkmaz,
Fin and Earth  
Fin and Earth, Hackey is is a sustainable and plastic free lifestyle store on a mission to help reduce plastic waste and raise awareness about plastic pollution.

Michael Saunders,
Little Spoon

Little Spoon is a Vegan and ‘earth friendly’ gelato company based in Brockley, London.


Guiseppe Ferrigno,

Re-Fabricate is a collaborative research project calling for architects and designers to craft and innovate new materials and uses from waste products.
Live Event
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The Zine

Engagement through as many creative channels as possible is going to be key in increasing understanding and encouraging action.


Architecture student, Shirin Naveed, extracted and expanded on the content from the podcasts and discussions with her peers at our live event to create a 'What Is Net Zero?' Zine. 

Click on the image to open and download the pdf. 

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Beyond The Box Consultants is a Social Enterprise focused on creating equity by design. They co-design and co-produce with young people, communities and organisations, to build more equitable places to live, work and play. Beyond The Box collaborates with emerging talent from within the communities they work, and they have brought together this team of young creatives from across London to amplify the youth voice through content production.  

Visit here to find out more

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